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Hello - We Actually LIVE in Kansas City - These are some of our favorite Kansas City Restaurants
Some of our Favorite Kansas City Restaurants are listed below to help make the most of your Kansas City Restaurant Experience

Georgia's Greek Restaurant
1209 W 103rd St Kansas City, MO 64114

Georgia's Greek Restaurant is a great little quick-stop for an afternoon / evening gyro plate.  Located just across the state line on the Missouri side (435 and State Line), Georgia's Greek Restaurant has prompt and courteous service and a great baklava for dessert.  Be sure and call in advance as their hours are a little sketchy.


O'Dowd's Little Dublin - Irish Cuisine

Zona Rosa
8600 N.W. Prairie View Road
Kansas City, MO 64153
(816) 268-6333
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Country Club Plaza
4742 Pennsylvania
Kansas City, MO 64111
(816) 561-2700
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Official Website -

Your Irish getaway isn't far away - it's at O'Dowd's Little Dublin in Kansas City!

O'Dowd's Little Dublin has brought a taste of Ireland to Kansas City for over 10 years - we opened our hand-carved double-doors on the Country Club Plaza in 1996 and added a second location the fall of 2005 in the Zona Rosa Shopping Center.

O'Dowd's feels Irish because it is. The imported interiors at our Plaza location are authentic. Nearly all of our woodwork - including the pharmacy, library and cigar shop - was handcrafted and imported directly from Ireland! Our Northland location at Zona Rosa boasts beautiful Irish murals and an artfully crafted Victorian-era Irish bar.

But it's our scenic views that have the neighbors jealous. O'Dowd's Little Dublin on the Country Club Plaza and O'Dowd's at Zona Rosa boast the best rooftop decks in the city - making us the place to meet friends and family for lunch, after work, and definitely on the weekends.

We've got amazing weekday lunch and happy hour specials, too - So skip the passport and let us pour you a pint! Your Irish Getaway isn't far away! It's at O'Dowd's on the Country Club Plaza and the Zona Rosa Shopping Center.


Bring a hearty appetite - because O'Dowd's Little Dublin has the BEST American Pub eats and Irish treats IN THE CITY! We've got the best tastes from here to waaaay across the pond. From favorites like Fish and Chips and Irish Stew to Chicken Wings and Prime Rib Sandwiches.

Finding yourself famished on the Plaza? You'll be lucky if you can finish our generous platter of fish & chips! And you will absolutely enjoy our authentic, award-winning Irish stew! At Zona Rosa try our famous Dublin Style Fish & Chips and warm your palate with our traditional Shepherd's Pie.

Check out O'Dowd's weekday specials daily features, too. On the Country Club Plaza we've got Pub Burgers on Wednesdays, all-you-can-eat Dublin-style Fish-n-Chips on Fridays, and MORE - much more - all week long! Our portions aren't pint-sized, either - we save that for the beer!

We also have just-right bites for the wee ones! Kids of all ages and appetites are always welcome.

Ecstatic Hours: Monday-Friday, 4 pm-6 pm
Featuring really cheap 20oz draws & half price appetizers

Late Night Happy Hour: Sunday -Thursday, 11 pm-1 am
Domestic bottle specials


Mondays, 6 pm-10 pm
Double points nights for Guest Rewards Members.

Tuesdays, 9 pm-close
Domestic bottle specials

Wednesdays, Lunch
$6.95 Burger Day

Thursdays, 9 pm-close
Vodka Red Bull Special

Fridays, Lunch
$10.95 Fish and Chips

Saturday, Dinner
$21.95 14 oz Prime Rib

Sunday, AM/Lunch
$7.95 Breakfast Boxties

O'dowd's Entertainment

Pictured:  Kansas City's most popular band - The KC All Stars

O'Dowd's features some of Kansas City's best live bands including Kansas City's most popular band, The KC ALL STARS.  Live Music almost every day of the week!  Most entertainment starts at 9pm.

Tasso's Greek Restaurant
8411 Wornall, Kansas City, Mo. 64114

Tasso's Greek Restaurant is much more than just a place to eat a gyro and a salad with goat cheese on top.  Tasso's Greek Restaurant features live music and belly dancing in the evening hours.......yes, I said "BELLY DANCING".  Do not go to Tasso's for a nice quiet romantic evening!  There will be plates, shotglasses and other breakables being smashed on the floor during wild Greek dances.  Shouts of "OPAH !!!" are in order after every round of ouzo....we can't really remember much after that.  The food is good, the atmosphere is unforgettable.  Visit Tasso's if you've got a hankerin' for some Greek persuasion.

Georgia's Greek Restaurant
1209 W 103rd St Kansas City, MO 64114

Georgia's Greek Restaurant is a great little quick-stop for an afternoon / evening gyro plate.  Located just across the state line on the Missouri side (435 and State Line), Georgia's Greek Restaurant has prompt and courteous service and a great baklava for dessert.

Padano Brothers Greek Restaurant
(816) 960-7000 | 2900 SOUTHWEST BLVD KANSAS CITY

From pizza to pasta, sandwiches to soups-and-salads, Padano Bros serves many Italian deli specialties with a little Greek thrown for good measure. Hot sandwiches range from a meatball grinder to an Italian sausage served with peppers and onions. Cold sandwiches feature capocollo ham and mortadella, in addition to more common deli meats. In the mood for pasta? Try the red sauce -- whether it's on spaghetti, ravioli or lasagne, Padano's sauce is yummy. Pizza? This deli does it New York-style, making its own dough and hand rolling it for just the right amount of chewiness. Try pizza by the slice until mid-afternoon. After that, you'll have to break down and go for the whole pie. Tired of Italian? Padano's also offers cuisine from Italy's Mediterranean neighbor. The gyros are good, and you can stop by on Friday or Saturday night for the Greek special, kota riganati, chicken baked in lemon juice. Whatever the day of the week, Padano Bros staff is friendly, knowledgeable and very willing to help you plan your next party. -- Anna Foote

Swagat Indian Restaurant
7407 N W 87th Street
Kansas City, MO 64153
(816) 746-9400

Swagat is a highly rated authentic Indian Restaurant in the Kansas City area.  Zagat raves about their intimate decor as well as their original and classic menu items.  Take a look at what Swagat has to offer:

Hot Soups & Side Orders
Vegetable Soup
Spicy hot soup made with lentils, garlic, vegetables and coriander
Coconut Soup
Creamy shredded coconut soup with nuts
Tomato Soup
Fresh Tomatoes cooked with spices and fresh coriander
Garden Salad
Fresh Chopped cucumber, lettuce, carrot and tomatoes
Mango Chutney
Mixed Pickle
Cooling cucumber and yogurt. A perfect complement to a spicy entree...
Crispy Lentil Wafer
Condiment Tray
Mango Chutney, Mixed Pickle, Raita, Onion and Mint Chutney
Hot Appetizers
Vegetable Samosa (2pcs)
Spicy turnovers stuffed with potatoes and green peas
Vegetable Pakoras (5pcs)
Fresh vegetable fritters made with spinach, onions, potatoes, cauliflower, ginger and spices
Aloo Tikki
A tangy combination of chick peas and potato patty
Paneer Pakoras
Fresh homemade cheese, deep fried in spicy chick-pea batter
Swagat Platter
Combination of vegetable samosa, samosa, tikki and paneer pakoras served with chutney
Meat Samosa (2pcs)
Turnover stuffed with minced lamb and spices
Chicken Pakoras
Chunks of white chicken meat deep fried in chick pea batter
Fish Pakoras
Fresh fish deep fried in chick pea batter
Chicken Tikka
Skewered strips of boneless chicken breast marinated in herbs and spices and grilled in the clay oven
Non-Vegetarian Platter
Combination of meat samosa, chicken pakora, chicken tikka, boti kabab and seekh kabab
Swagat Specialties
Vegetarian Dinner for Two
Comes with vegetable soup, vegetable samosa, saag paneer, vegetable korma, rice, 2 nan, raita and Gulab Jamun or Kheer
Swagat Dinner for Two
Comes with vegetable soup, vegetable samosa, chicken tandoori, Rogan Josh, Chicken tikka masala, basmati rice, 2 nan, raita and Gulab Jamun or Kheer
Swagat Dinner for Four
Comes with vegetable soup, vegetable samosa, tandoori chicken, chicken tikka masala, lamb karahi, shrim Jalfrazi, vegetable Korma, 4 nan, raita, and Gulab Jamun or Kheer
Tandoori Specialties
Indian-Style B-B-Q * Served with Rice or Nan
Chicken Tandoori
Tender chicken marinated in yogurt and spices and baked on skewers in our clay oven
half 8.95 full 12.95
Chicken Tikka
Skewered strips of boneless chicken breast marinated in herbs and spices and grilled in the clay oven
Fish Tikka
Fish marinated in yogurt and spices and baked on skewers in the clay oven
Boti Kabab
Fresh chunks of lamb marinated in chef's special sauce and grilled in the clay oven
Shrimp Tandoori
Prawns marinated in a hint of mint and slowly broiled in our clay oven
Swagat Mix Grill
A delicious combination of sizzling chicken tandoori, chicken tikka, lamb kabab and tandoori shrimp served with rice
half 8.95 full 13.95
Rice Specialties
all Biryani served with raita
Chicken Biryani
Basmati rice cooked with chicken, fresh garlic, ginger, onion, nuts and spices
Lamb Biryani
Basmati rice cooked with lamb, fresh garlic, ginger, onion, nuts and spices
Shrimp Biryani
Jumbo shrimp cooked with Basmati white rice, fresh onions, garlic, ginger, nuts and spices
Pulloo Rice
Seasoned with cumin and green peas
Vegetable Biryani
Basmati rice cooked with fresh vegetables, exotic herbs, nuts and spices
Swagat Special Biryani
Basmati rice cooked with fresh ginger, garlic, chicken lamb, shrimp, vegetables, nuts and exotic spices
Plain broiled rice
Vegetarian Specialties
Mix Vegetable Curry
A variety of garden fresh vegetables done in a curry sauce
Chana Masala
Chick peas cooked with fresh tomatoes, garlic, ginger, onion, and spices
Saag Paneer
Fresh spinach cooked with homemade cheese and spices
Malai Kofta
Vegetable croquettes cooked in a mile sauce with fresh herbs and mild spices
Shahi Paneer Korma
Homemade cheese cubes sauteed with fresh ginger, garlic in a creamy sauce garnished with nuts and raisins
Dal Makhni
Lentils cooked with fresh garlic, ginger, tomatoes and spices
Bhindi Masala
Fresh okra cooked with onions, garlic, ginger and spices
Paneer Masala
Homemade cheese marinated in our special sauce and cooked with mild tomato based cream sauce
Aloo Gobhi
Fresh cauliflower cooked with potatoes, garlic, ginger and spices
Mutter Paneer
Homemade cheese cooked with fresh green peas, herbs and spices
Vegetable Korma
A combination of several vegetables cooked with homemade cheese and nuts in a light mild sauce
Kadai Paneer
Homemade cheese cooked with fresh garlic, ginger, onion, tomatoes, bell peppers and spices
Vegetable Jalfrezi
A variety of fresh seasonal vegetables sauteed with tomato, onion, and green pepper
Baigan Paneer Bharta
Egg plant cooked in an open flame first, then cooked with fresh garlic, ginger, onion, peas and home made cheese
Lamb Specialties
Lamb Curry
Succulent pieces of lamb cooked in a thick curry with herbs and spices
Lamb Vindaloo * * * (hot)
Tender pieces of lamb and potatoes cooked in a special hot and tangy sauce
Lamb Saag
Chunks of lamb cooked with fresh spinach, garlic, ginger and spices
Lamb Korma (Mild)
Lamb cooked with nuts and exotic herbs and spices in a mild cream sauce
Lamb Jalfrezi
Lamb cooked with fresh vegetables and exotic Indian spices
Lamb Kadai
A traditional North-Western dish, barbecued pieces of lamb cooked in a work with fresh tomatoes, onion, ginger, garlic, green peppers, herbs and spices
Rogan Josh
Morsels of lamb marinated and cooked in a special yogurt-based curry sauce
Lamb Tikka Masala
Tender pieces of lamb cooked with onion, garlic, ginger in a mild tomato-based sauce and spices
Chicken Specialties
Chicken Curry
Boneless chicken cooked in thick curry sauce
Chicken Korma (Mild)
Boneless chicken cooked with nuts, raisins, exotic herbs and spices in a creamy sauce
Chicken Bombay
Boneless which meat chicken cooked in a sweet sauce of garlic, ginger and onions
Chicken Kadai
Boness chicken cooked with garlic, ginger, onion, tomato, bell pepper and spices
Chicken Tikka Masala
Marinated boneless pieces of chicken grilled in clay oven and simmered in a tomato based mild masala sauce
Chicken Vindaloo * * * (Hot)
Chicken cooked with potatoes and hot tangy sauce
Butter Chicken
Boneless chicken cooked with fresh garlic, ginger, touch of tomato in a light creamy sauce and spices
Chicken Jalfrezi
Boneless pieces of white meat chicken cooked with fresh vegetables, herbs and exotic spices
Chicken Lavabdar
Sauteed breast of chicken simmered in a creamy sauce with green pepper
Chicken Tikka Saag
Chicken marinated and cooked in Tandoor first, then cooked with spinach and spices
Seafood Specialties
Shrimp Curry
Jumbo shrimp cooked in thick curry sauce
Shrimp Jalfrezi
Shrimp cooked with fresh vegetables and exotic Indian spices
Shrimp Kadai
Jumbo shrimp cooked with fresh garlic, ginger, onions, tomato, bell pepper and spices
Shrimp Vindaloo * * * Hot
Jumbo shrimp cooked with potatoes in a hot tangy sauce
Shrimp Saag
Jumbo shrimp cooked with spinach, ginger, garlic and spices
Shrimp Korma (Mild)
Jumbo shrimp cooked in a special creamy sauce flavored with nuts and coriander
Fish Masala
Fresh fish marinated with a hint of garlic and cooked with mild tomato-based cream sauce
Shrimp Masala
Jumbo shrimp marinated with a hint of garlic and cooked with mild tomato-based cream sauce
Fresh Baked Indian Breads
White bread baked in our Tandoor
Pashawary Nan
(stuffed with nuts/coconut)
Paneer Nan
(stuffed with homemade cheese)
Garlic Nan
Aloo Nan
(stuffed with potato & spices)
Onion Nan
Pudina Nan
(stuffed with mint and spices)
Keema Nan
(stuffed with minced lamb)
Stuffed Basket
Combination of Pashawary Nan, Garlic Nan, Aloo Nan and Onion Nan
Multi-layered whole wheat bread cooked with butter on a griddle
Aloo Paratha
(stuffed with potato)
Whole wheat deep fried puffed bread
Tandoori Roti
Whole wheat bread baked in our tandoor
Chapati (2)
Thin, whole wheat bread cooked on a griddle with or without butter
Plain Basket
Combination of Nan, Tandoori Roti, Chapati and Poori
Ras Malai (2)
Fresh homemade cheese patties cooked in a milk syrup with almonds
Gulab Jamun (2)
Golden fried cheese dumplings soaked in syrup
Kheer (rice pudding)
Rice cooked in sweetened milk with raisins and almonds

Visit Swagat's Indian Restaurant for these and other great authentic Indian dishes.  We might even see you there!

Maharaja Indian Restaurant
1230 W 103rd St, Kansas City, MO
(816) 941-0031

Ruchi Indian Restaurant
3300 Bob Billings Pkwy., Lawrence, 66044
Phone: 785-312-9747

Ruchi definitely knows how to pick a location.  Nestled deep in the neo-hippy infested town of Lawrence Kansas (home of KU), the pocket poor but culture rich young hippies flock to Ruchi Indian Restaurant for a taste of the old country.  Seriously though, Ruchi has a great presentation of Seafood, Chicken, Lamb and Vegetarian dinners.  Prompt and courteous service and rock bottom prices, Ruchi Indian Restaurant delivers the chutney - eh - I mean the goods.  They even serve Indian beer!

Here is an excerpt from :

By Tom King

Sunday, May 8, 2005


"Will you take some lunch? Please, just a little."

Three times in fifteen minutes had Ravi Seelam inquired of my comfort, sincere inquiries, not the usual empty platitudes.

"Would you like to sit? Are you feeling thirsty?"

Service standards are high at Ruchi, the latest restaurant to settle into the space on the southeast side of the Orchards Corners shopping center at Kasold and Bob Billings Parkway. Ruchi’s manner of service is warm yet formal, solicitous, perhaps a little florid, like the service in crusty, venerable country clubs; a style of service--fast disappearing--focused entirely on the customer and the dining experience.

"Please, enjoy a little something."

Each time I’ve visited Ruchi, I’ve recklessly overeaten--sweating and crazed--to the point of pain. Maybe it’s the mixture of ghee and beer (but drinking wine made no difference); maybe those seven servings of nan with that fiery, salty carrot pickle (best washed down with beer); maybe it’s that mango lassi (a mixture of yogurt, sliced mango and fresh mango nectar which instantly douses a chili fire--a tart, sweet milkshake; a fine complement to a spicy lamb vindaloo), too cloying and heavy as an aperitif; and maybe, no probably, it is the tantalizing, awe-inspiring Thali (super-sizing, Ruchi-style), unquestionably a dalliance with the deadly sin of gluttony.

Oh, Thali!

You can order a la carte or you can order Thali.

Thali generally costs three dollars more than the a la carte entrée and there are over fifty entrees to choose from, in five categories: Tandoor and Kabob (marinated meats and seafood cooked in a clay oven), Chicken, Lamb, Seafood and Vegetable.

Say you order the Chicken 65 Thali--a strong recommendation. Not only will your waiter praise your choice and call you "Sir" at every opportunity (even women), he will set before you a round stainless steel tray containing five stainless steel cups surrounding a pile of basmati pilaf studded with peas and shavings of carrot and fragrant with caraway. Atop the mountain of rice, like lava oozing from a volcano, is your Chicken 65--cubes of boneless chicken breast marinated with peppers and "Indian spices" (turmeric, cumin, coriander, cardamom, fenugreek (a seed with a maple-like flavor), black pepper and ground sweet and hot peppers are common to many mixes), coated with egg batter and deep-fried, and garnished with a generous dollop of hot or sweet (your choice) mango chutney. Impressive indeed, and certainly addictive, but the Thali is all about the five cups.

Three of the cups hold soups: one is always Ruchi’s excellent and mild lentil curry--for me the benchmark, after breads, of any good Indian kitchen. The other soup changes frequently: one time, a tomato soup suspiciously reminiscent of Campbell’s with a dash of garam masala; a perfectly balanced sweet-spicy-sour tamarind elixir (Rasam) on another visit. The third cup contains the comforting Sambhar, a chunky potage of pureed potatoes and onions with peas, green beans and carrots. The fourth cup contains holds raitha (cucumber-infused yogurt, in this version)--only dairy, not water, effectively douses the flames of spicy food. The fifth cup holds dessert, which, on each visit so far, has been a soothing, cinnamon-kissed rice pudding. Thali also comes with bread--your choice of Poori or Nan, and, like India Palace downtown, Ruchi excels at breadmaking. Thirteen breads are listed on the menu, from the laser-crisp lentil papadum to dense parathas (pan-fried wheat bread, often stuffed with vegetables), to the Kabuli Nan, a chewy Tandoori bread similar to pita, stuffed with braised lamb, cashew nuts and dried cherries.

Other Things I’ve Thalied, or Seen Thalied

- Bhendi Masala: Okra fried with "curry" (like "Indian spices", a vague term to define highly individualistic combinations of a vast spice palette--great cooks of India are the global masters of culinary spice alchemy). A dish of contrasts: the tooth of the okra versus the bounce of the pilaf and the cool of the raita--quite a ride for twelve bucks.

- Lamb Vindaloo: I love it. Second after Chicken Tikka Masala--which isn’t Indian at all; it was invented in Scotland. The Ramones, also, love Vindaloo.

- Baigan Bartha: Ten years ago in Spain, Ferran Adria—in his forty seat restaurant that employed forty five cooks—was running pistachio-hinted foie gras and pig-sniffed truffles and any outrageously expensive ingredient he could find through whipped cream chargers to create avant-savory foams in severe, characteristically Spanish arrangements on $100 dollar plates at the price of $250 per head. Booked solid a decade in advance. At Ruchi, for the Baigan Bartha, they chop roasted eggplant--by hand, with plain knives--together with potatoes, peas, onions, garlic, cilantro and "Indian spices" to a consistency lighter than Adria ever dreamed, a composition as straightforward and startling as a Picasso. For twelve bucks.

Thali is beautiful. Thali can be painful. Thali is a guaranteed to-go box. Cold Ruchi might be your breakfast epiphany.

Oh Buffet!

Many the happy times I’ve had at Indian food buffets!

My last visit to Ruchi was on Mother’s Day, this past Sunday at 2 pm. The place was packed. Wisely, Ravi had opted for a Mother’s Day Buffet--big parties, always a tricky variable on a made-to-order menu, overwhelmed the house. I remarked on the number of turbans in the dining room.

"On the weekends, many people come from Topeka. There are many more Indian people in Topeka than Lawrence," Ravi explained. "During the week, 90% Lawrence people, American people."

I asked what the weekday bestsellers were.

"Tandoori Mixed Grill, Butter Chicken, Chicken Tikka Masala."

Ravi and I wove ourselves through the buffet line, dodging bemused customers. He was clearly proud of his food--I took notes as Ravi pointed out his favorites: Goat Curry and Chilly Fish (catfish). I asked if the Chilly moniker referred to the Scoville rating of the dish. "We don’t make things too hot at the buffet," Ravi stated. "but at night, you can have it as hot as you like."

We continued our buffet tango, sweeping lithely past the vegetable biryani (an elaborate rice casserole--a grand pilaf--of the northern Mughal tradition; at dinner, the biryanis are served with both raitha and curry sauce), and the idli (steamed rice cakes); past daal curry (lentils), chicken curry and masala dosa (a shell of ground rice and lentils fried in ghee--clarified butter--filled with a mixture of potatoes, onions, peas, turmeric, chiles and mustard seed); past the nan and the pakora and tandoori chicken until at last we settled gently at the salad bar where, amongst thickly-sliced cucumbers and wedges of tomato, amongst the wedges of iceberg and pots of coconut dressing and mint sauce and hot carrot pickle, there was the inevitable container of Ranch.

The buffet runs every day from 11 am to 2.30 pm--mango lassi and masala chai included. KU students with valid student ID recieve a one dollar discount.

The Brothers Seelam

Ninanjan, Ravi and Davender are the brothers Seelam. In 1999, they opened Ruchi in Overland Park, a runaway success (3 ½ stars out of 4 from the Kansas City Star; 3 stars from the Pitch). Ninanjan now runs the OP store and, one gets the sense, keeps a paternal and discerning eye on all the family’s ventures. Ravi and Davender handle the Lawrence store, which opened January 2005. Ruchi, by the way, means tasty--the name was Ravi’s idea.

"We feature both northern and southern specialties," replies Ravi, when asked what sets Ruchi apart from the mighty India Palace (my high regard for The Palace is public record).

"They are mostly from the north."

Southern specialties like Puliyodharai, a Tamil rice dish flavored with toasted coriander, cumin and fenugreek seeds, tamarind (the sweet-tart pulp of a large tropical bean), and turmeric, mustard and brown sugar, enriched with a handful of chickpea dal and garnished with peanuts and curry leaves; or Upma (known in India as “a bachelor’s dish” and blithely described on the Ruchi menu as Cream of wheat), a sublime and nostalgic semolina porridge--think polenta--with onion, chiles, coriander, cashews and tomatoes.

"We make very good food at Ruchi," Ravi proclaims. "Our saag (chopped, braised spinach) is from fresh leaves; we make the paneer (cheese)…but I won’t tell you the recipes. The recipes are the secret weapons."

With 124 items on the menu, Ruchi has plenty of culinary ammo. So far, I’ve been delivered no duds. And to think that Lawrence now has two world-class Indian restaurants within its city limits—what better reason for unabashed gluttony?

Get yourself to Ruchi! Thali ho!

"Yes, you eat too much, but it’s healthy!" Ravi cries.


India Palace Indian Restaurant
9914 W 87TH St
Overland Park, KS 66212-4768
Phone: (913) 381-1680

“We have had Indian food all over the country and were surprised to find some of the best right in Johnson County, Kansas. The lunch buffet which runs 7-days a week is a great value filled with wonderful meat and vegetarian Indian choices. I can't say enough good things about the food, that explodes in your mouth with layers of wonderful Indian spices, or the attention that the restaurant staff give to their patrons. I wish every dining experience was this fufilling.

The Melting Pot Fondue Restaurant
450 Ward Parkway, Kansas City, MO 64112
(816) 931-6358

The Melting Pot Restaurant is located in the Country Club Plaza next to the Plaza III Steakhouse.

The Melting Pot is the perfect place to enjoy a romantic evening. Our Romance Packages include a private booth for two, a personalized bottle of wine, a half dozen roses, souvenir champagne flutes, and a framed photo of the two of you. Please note that Romance Packages cannot be booked online. Call us today at (816) 931-MELT to book a Romance Package or inquire about our other Celebration Packages.

Happy Hour
Sunday through Friday 4-6:00pm in the lounge area only.
Half price cheese and chocolate or $3.75 per course per guest.

Reverse happy hour
Sunday through Thursday 9 to close and Friday/Saturday 10 to close. Half price chocolate fondue or $3.75 per guest

Jerusalem Cafe Middle Eastern Restaurant
431 Westport Rd, Kansas City - (816) 756-2770
Official Website:

Let's start by letting the awards tell the story:
The Jerusalem Cafe has been awarded the following honors:

Best Vegeterian Resturant
Best Value
Best Greek Salad
Best Hummus
Best Falafel
Best Mediterranean
Best Home Baked Fresh Pita
Best Middle Eastern Cuisine
Best Lunch
Best Baklava

More on The Jerusalem Cafe...

Located in the heart of the historic Westport, Jerusalem cafe is the ultimate place to dine in. Westport is a place where the urban sophistication of contemporary Kansas City meets the not too distant frontier past. Westport continues to delight visitors with its breathtaking array of clothing and specialty shops. Retail highlights in Westport include art and poster galleries, jewelry, fagrance, gift and import stores in Westport Square. Westport Marketplace, located at 4120 Pennsylvania, houses friendly boutiques in an historic building formerly used as a horse barn for a nearby ice house.

Jerusalem cafe's culinary choices are endless. Visitors can grab a quick cappuccino or sandwich, or they can enjoy a leisurely gourmet dinner. After dinner enjoy Westport which takes on a different flavor after dark, when it becomes a focal point for Kansas City nightlife.

The Jerusalem Cafe MENU (from )

Jerusalem Cafe Mezzah

The use of fresh herbs, vegetables & meats is what makes our dishes so unique!

Jerusalem Combo Appetizer

Falafel, Hummus, Baba ghanouj, Stuffed grape leaves, Tabouli salad, Feta cheese and Calamata olives

A mixture of chickpeas, parsley, garlic, onions & spices. Blended then served with tahini.
Simmered chickpeas pureed with tahini, lemon juice & galic. Sprinkled with a touch of olive oil & hot sauce.
Baba Ghanouj
Roasted eggplant blended with tahini, lemon juice & galic. Topped with olive oil & hot sauce.
Hummus & Baba Ghanouj
Try both vegetarian dips! A taste you won't forget!
Hummus with Gyros Meat
Our famous hummus topped with your choice of grilled specialty chicken or lamb and beef gyros.
Eggplant Motabbal
A mixture of eggplant, tomatoes, parsley, cilantro, lemon, & garlic. Seasoned and topped with olive oil & hot sauce.
Cous Cous
Tiny grains of Middle Eastern pasta, mixed with carrots, green peas, mushrooms, & sweet bell peppers.
Krass Stuffed Pastry
Spinach, feta cheese and onions, rolled in phyllo pastry & baked to a golden crisp.
Stuffed Grape Leaves
Hand rolled vine leaves stuffed with rice, tomatoes & herbs. Simmered in tomato sauce, with fresh lemon.
Feta Cheese With Olives
Select feta cheese & Calamata black olives.
Grilled Shrimp & Feta
Tasty grilled shrimp topped with feta cheese & herbs.

Jerusalem Cafe Salads

All Salads served with home baked fresh pita !!

Tabouli Salad
Finely chopped fresh parsley & tomatoes. Mixed with cracked wheat, lemon juice and olive oil.
Fattoush Salad
Chopped tomatoes, lettuce, cucumbers, parsley, feta cheese and olives. Mixed with lemon juice, olive oil & herb toasted pita bread chunks..
Jerusalem Bean Salad
Fava beans and chickpeas mixed with garlic, olive oil and lemon juice.
Zatziky Salad
Delicious creamy yogurt and finely chopped cucumbers, flavored with mint.






Caesar Salad
Romaine Lettuce, parmesan cheese, pita croutons & caesar dressing.
Caesar Salad with Grilled Chicken
Adelicious combination of Caesar salad, topped with marinated chicken strips..
Greek Salad
A mixture of fresh romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, red onions, feta cheese and calamata olives. Topped with our house dressing. Garnished with shredded carrots & red cabbage.
Greek Salad with Grilled Chicken
Our famous Greek salad topped with marinated chicken strips.
Greek Salad with Gyros
Our famous Greek salad topped with your choice of chicken gyros or bee
Grilled Shrimp & Feta
Tasty grilled shrimp topped with feta cheese & herbs.
Jerusalem Cafe Dinner Sandwiches
Wrapped in a pita,& garnished with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, & a special sauce. Served with herb spiced rice and a greek salad
Your choice of grilled lamb & beef or chicken slices. topped with  swiss cheese and servered with cucumber yogart sauce.
Chicken Kabob
Grilled chicken cubes, marinated in olive oil, lemon & ginger. Topped with  swiss cheese and servered with cucumber yogart sauce.
Shawaramah Chicken
Fresh tender marinated chicken grilled with mediterranean spices.Topped with swiss cheese and servered with cucumber yogart sauce.
Chicken Gyros
Grilled chicken slices, swiss cheese & cucumber yogart sauce.







Delicious Falafel patties stuffed in a pocket pita and topped tahini sauce.
A generous portion of our famous hummus spread in a pocket pita.
Baba Ghanouj
A generous portion of our delicious baba ghanouj spread in a pocket pita.
Falafel & Hummus
A heavely mix of falafel  & hummus stuffed in a pita bread, topped with tahini sauce. The best selling sandwich this side of Jerusalem.
Jerusalem Cafe Kabobs
Served with Fresh pita, herb spiced rice, sauteed veggies,Greek salad or soup, & our house specialty sauce.
Lamb Kabob
Skewered choice lamb marinated and grilled to perfection.
Beef Kabob
Marinated tenderloin cubes, skewered and grilled to perfection.
Kifta Kabob
Ground beef mixed with onions, parsley & mediterranean spices then grilled.
Chicken Kabob
Skewered chicken cubes, marinated in olive oil, lemon & ginger, then grilled.
Shrimp Kabob
Jumbo shrimps, mediterranean style marinated, then charbroiled to perfection.
Combination Kabobs
Get a combination of any two of your favorite kabobs.







Jerusalem Cafe Vegetarian Entrees
Served with Fresh pita, herb spiced rice and Greek salad or soup
Vegetarian Combination
Falafel, hummus, baba ghanouj, spinach krass, stuffed grape leaves, feta cheese & calamata olives. Served with hot & tahini sauce.
Falafel & Hummus Plater
A delicious combination of falafel patties and hummus.
Vegetarian Lasagna
A medley of fresh garden veggies baked in layers of pasta.
Vegetarian Pastry Plate
A medley of fresh steamed veggies, with a mixture of cheese & herbs. Wrapped in a phyllo pastry and baked to a golden crisp.
Krass Pastry Plate
Spinach, onions, and a mixture of cheese and herbs. Wrapped in a phyllo pastry and baked to a golden crisp.
Jerusalem Cafe Meat Entrees
Served with Fresh pita, herb spiced rice, sauteed veggies and Greek salad or soup
Jerusalem Kifta Plate
Fresh lean ground beef mixed with parsley & onions, marinated in a tahini sauce & mediterranean spices, topped with potatoes, carrots, mushrooms & grren peppers.
Gyros Platter
Roasted slices of gyros meat, topped with swiss cheese & served with feta cheese, calamata olives, tomatoes, onions & gyros sauce.
Shawaramah Dinner Chicken
Fresh tender curry marinated chicken grilled. Servered over hot pita topped with onions, parsley and tomato sauce.
Tawook Mashwi
Whole Cornich hen marinated in mediterranean herbs and spices then charbroiled to perfection.







Chicken Pastry Plate
Marinated chicken breast, spiced with fresh herbs mixed with veggies, wrapped in phyllo pastry. Baked to a golden crisp.
Layers of eggplant, ground beef, tomato sauce, a mixture of cheese, potato and bechamel sauce. Baked to perfection.
Lamb Pastry Plate
Fresh tender lamb meat marinated & cooked & cooked with fresh veggies then wrapped in phyllo pastry. Baked to a golden crisp.
Grilled Chicken Breast
Grilled chicken chunks, curry marinated, served over hot pita and topped with onions, parsley & tomato sauce.
Jerusalem Dinner Feast
Hummus, falafel and stuffed grape leaves as a starter. Lamb & chicken kabob, Kifta and gyros as a main course. End your feast with Baklava or Halva for dessert.
Jerusalem Cafe Beverages
Turkish Coffee
Imported fine ground coffee mixed with cardamon spice & servied in a traditional cup
Regular Coffee
Iced Tea
Specialty Herbal Tea
Mint, Orange, Lemon or Strawberry
Mango Juice
Soft Drinks


Hot Tea
Ocean Spray Juices




Jerusalem Cafe Desserts
Layers of walnuts, almonds & phyllo, baked to a Golden crisp and topped with honey syrup.
Layers of shredded phyllo dough & fine sweet cheese, baked and topped with honey syrup
Sweet crushed sesame seed
Rice Mohalabia
Rice pudding in rose water
Chocolate Truffle Cafe
Cheese Cake of the day

Caspian Bistro Middle Eastern Restaurant
8973 Metcalf Ave
Overland Park, KS 66212
(913) 901-9911
Official Website:

Located in the heart of Overland Park, Caspian Bistro offers a diverse Persian cuisine in a peaceful atmosphere.  Caspian Bistro truly offers an unparalleled dining experience while striving for the best possible food and service.

About The Caspian Bistro (from )

Walk through the front doors
and you know you're in
for something special!

The Caspian Bistro
offers a wide variety of Persian dishes
as well as a few American dishes for kids.
Lamb, Beef, Chicken, and Seafood
are our specialties.

We invite you to feast
at our restaurant and experience
ethnic cuisine from our extensive menu
while enjoying the luxurious surroundings.
ORDER-UP-KC AT (913) 226-2440


The Caspian Bistro
  The Talented and Beautiful, TATIANE  

Every Saturday

From 8:00pm to 8:30pm
  Kansas City's Own, TONY ANTONUCCI  
  Performing the hits of
Frank Sinatra, Dean Martin,
Neil Diamond, Bobby Darin, and more!!
From 8:30pm to 10:00pm

Friday, September 7
Friday, November 16
Friday, December 21
  Come and Enjoy an Evening of Great Food and Great Music  
  For Reservations, call 913.901.9911
8973 Metcalf Avenue
Overland Park, KS 66212

  Call 1-800-299-9617 to Find Out How You Can Travel In Style
with Toni Antonucci and Escape on a Caribbean Cruise
Starting at Only $490 for 7 Nights
*Sponsored by Global Connections*


Berliner Bear German Restaurant
7815 Wornall Rd
Kansas City, MO 64114
(816) 444-2828

With over 36 years at the same location, Berliner Bear is by far the oldest, and one of the only authentic, German restaurants in Kansas City. With traditional German ingredients such as duck and rabbit, and plenty of yummy sausages to try, you can't go wrong. The atmosphere is pure family-style, with friendly, efficient servers and lots of regulars populating the bar. Parking is a little scary, since it's so close to the busy street, but grin and bear it -- the food and atmosphere inside is worth it. -- Kate Cagley (Photo: Kate Cagley)

From The Pitch Magazine

Kraut Pleaser
The Berliner Bear gives us a warm fuzzy feeling.
By Charles Ferruzza
Published: April 21, 2005

German restaurants have never exactly been abundant here, despite the city's historically large German-American population. And they've decreased in popularity over the past two decades, even as the city has seen a proliferation of Italian, Mexican, Chinese, Thai, Vietnamese and French restaurants. Changing culinary tastes obviously have a lot to do with this, especially given that the traditional vision of a German meal -- a plate full of bratwurst, dumplings, marinated red cabbage and hot potato salad -- sounds not only miserably heavy but so 19th century.

Berliner Bear Menu Samples:

Cold plate for four $15.50
Sauerbraten $9.75
German goulash $11.50
Rolled pork roast $9
Pig knuckles $10.95
German chocolate cake $4
Cheesecake $3.50

Berliner Bear If you don't count the Rheinland restaurant in Independence, there's only one German joint left. The 43-year-old Berliner Bear has been located in the same low-slung, buff-brick commercial building at 7815 Wornall Road since 1962, and a previous tenant (Fritz Lindig, the owner of Blackie's) served German food in the space for at least a decade before that. So little has changed -- inside and outside the building -- that the entire restaurant feels as if it's trapped in the amber of the Kennedy era. So 20th century.

When Joel Womack and his German-born wife, Nettie, turned Blackie's into the Berliner Bear, this neighborhood was still considered Kansas City's southern suburb, the perfect setting for a cozy little restaurant decorated like someone's basement rec room. The floor is red linoleum, the walls are paneled in dark wood, and every square inch is decorated with some beer-related adornment: mirrors, banners, plaques, pennants, lamps, signs, plates, posters and carved tableaus. The tables are swathed in black- or red-checked vinyl, and the "chandeliers" are made from barrel staves, with faux-Colonial yellow globes.

One wall is covered with framed photographs of the Womacks' children and grandchildren, along with dozens of Polaroids of favorite customers. Bill Womack, who took over the restaurant from his parents ten years ago, barely resembles the dark-haired kid in the 1970s family portrait hanging over the jukebox. But he's one of the only things inside Berliner Bear that has changed over the past four decades. Everything else is caught in the time warp, including a coin-operated machine in the grimy men's bathroom (so primitive that it looks like something excavated from the ruins of Pompeii) that sells "Savage Bliss" condoms and "Pixie Nude" decals.

It's all weird enough that you wouldn't be half-surprised to see Jimmy Hoffa and Jayne Mansfield sharing a plate of schnitzel over in the smoking section. But my friend Patrick corrected this notion as he stuck his fork into a curl of paprika-dusted ham from the cold-plate appetizer tray. "Not Jayne Mansfield," he said. "Marlene Dietrich."

Well, the late German-born sex symbol did have a fondness for fat sausages, which are some of the bigger attractions on the lunch, dinner and Sunday-morning breakfast menus. There are sausage slices on the cold plate, too, which is generously piled with meats and cheeses and oversized slices of buttered rye bread. On the Friday night I dined with Patrick, Bob and Peter (whose German-American mother knew her way around a cabbage roll), the Berliner Bear's dining room was less than half-full, but the place had a buoyant spirit anyway, helped along by the lively German music playing on a CD player mounted underneath the mirrored bar shelves.

Because German food retains the stigma of being heavy, fattening and unexotic, business has been uneven at Berliner Bear lately. Bill Womack recalled a recent Wednesday night when not one patron stepped through the front door.

"But we're still pumping along," he said. "A lot of our clientele is older, but we're getting new people in here all the time."

I guess I'm one of those new people, if only because it took me 20 years to work up enough interest in eating at the restaurant, which looks unrelentingly grim from the outside. Even if I did get an occasional yen for sauerbraten, I had mentally crossed Berliner Bear off my list for purely aesthetic reasons. Which was completely shallow on my part -- when I was finally dragged into the joint to eat a German breakfast one Sunday morning, I was absolutely charmed by the place. Then again, I have a soft spot for 1960s rec rooms.

I also have a not-so-secret fondness for heavy, fattening and unexotic food. If I had only known that Berliner Bear does an absolut fantastisch job preparing stuff you rarely see on modern restaurant menus -- pork roast, goulash, liver and onions, pork knuckles -- I would have been more adventurous in checking out the place.

The dinners are inexpensive, and the portions are more than ample -- two reasons that the place should be a lot busier than it is.

"I never think about German food," Bob said as he was making a hog of himself on a fork-tender rolled pork roast baked with apples. "But when I do, I like it."

I like any food that comes with a baseball-sized potato dumpling. This one was a shade more dense than I had expected ("My mother makes them much fluffier," Peter sniped), but it was very good. And I was able to finally satisfy my longing for a big plate of sauerbraten, the sweet-and-sour beef dish. Womack says he marinates the meat for ten days in bay leaves and allspice, then bakes it with cracked pepper and molasses. This succulent version wasn't particularly heavy, although the vinegary hot potato salad and the big mound of slightly sweet red cabbage that came along with it almost did me in.

Patrick finished off his German goulash in record time, even if he was disappointed that the egg noodles weren't homemade -- the long-simmered chunks of beef in a tangy tomato sauce were more to his liking, and he loved the dumpling. Peter, the fussy Germaniac, had brazenly ordered one of the Berliner Bear's least requested dinner offerings, the boiled pig knuckles, and was thrilled with the two giant knuckles that were set in front of him. Slightly gray and dry-looking, they weren't exactly a visual sensation, but the meat inside was surprisingly tender and flavorful, mildly seasoned with salt and pepper. "Excellent," he pronounced, adding that the sauerkraut, flecked with caraway seeds, was "the real thing." Womack told me later that he rarely sells more than two or three orders of the knuckles a week.

Berliner Bear The restaurant was out of apple strudel that night, so the four of us shared a slice of cheesecake with a sour-cream topping and a thick, fudgy slab of what our server insisted was German chocolate cake. We agreed that it was a dark-chocolate layer cake held together with brown-sugar-and-coconut frosting. But who gives a damn? German chocolate cake is an American innovation anyway, named not for the Deutschland but for Sam German, who created Baker's Chocolate.

The Berliner Bear's version of an even more American dish -- biscuits and gravy -- is a potent reason to haul out of bed on Sunday morning for the breakfast shift (which ends promptly at noon). It's a perfect combination of big, hot, fluffy biscuits and a thick, creamy gravy loaded with ground sausage. The rest of the breakfast menu skews heavily toward traditional German fare -- a steaming, thick apple pancake (big enough to share); eggs served with bratwurst and German fried potatoes; and a mixture of potatoes, cheese and eggs all scrambled together. The music, however, is strictly American pop. On a recent Sunday it was Simon and Garfunkel's greatest hits followed by 30 minutes of Randy Travis. And for some reason, all that beer memorabilia on the walls is a lot more amusing at 8 a.m.

The Sunday-morning service is attentive but a shade slow because there's only one waitress working the whole room. Everyone is very friendly, though. Every time I walk into the place bleary-eyed, I see people I know, and they always say the same thing: "Did you even know this place was here?"

Doesn't everybody?

Rheinland German Restaurant
208 N Main St , Independence, MO Phone - (816) 461-5383
Official Website -

Region's best, authentic German food - experience Old World German dining at its finest. Dine from their extensive evening menu with a special every night or dine early from the luncheon menu.

Rheinland German Restaurant MENU Sample from


Served with roll & butter

Steak Soup
Soup of the Day

Garden Salad ( Large )
German Variety Plate, a combination of five cold salads.
Chef Salad, with ham, turkey, two Cheeses and fresh vegetables,
Served with roll and butter.
Small Chef Salad
Chicken salad Mainau
Grilled chicken breast on a bed of lettuce, topped with our special Banana cream sauce, fruit and roasted almonds, roll and butter.

, please ask for selections of the day
Homemade Apple Strudel
Homemade Apple Strudel a la Mode
Hot Raspberry Romanov
German Iced Coffee - with vanilla ice cream & whipped cream
Vanilla Ice Cream
Cheese Cakes
Pretzel with butter or cream cheese

The Rheinland Deli Roll
Boiled ham, wrapped around our delicious deli salad.
Served with cold potato salad, topped with asparagus.
Hawaiian Toast, open faced
Two slices of toast topped with German ham, pineapple and Swiss cheese, melted to perfection and served with carrot salad.
Lorelei Picnic
A plate of selected meats, imported Cheese and fruit, served with German pretzel, Rye bread, roll and butter.
Lox ( Smoked Salmon & Cheese Plate )
A delicately prepared plate of smoked salmon, Brie Cheese and boiled egg, served with horseradish sauce, capers and thinly sliced onions accompanied with German rye bread, roll and butter.
For parties of 6 or more, an 18% gratuity will be added.

German Wurst, by the pair
Bratwurst (grilled)
with hot potato salad and sauerkraut.
Knackwurst (mildly spiced)
with hot potato salad and Sauerkraut.
Nuernberger Bratwurst (grilled)
with hot potato salad and Sauerkraut.
with cold potato salad.
served with Curry sauce and home fries.
Single Brat or Knackwurst
with hot potato salad and Sauerkraut.
Sandwiches are served with choice of
chips, hot potato salad or home fries.
Rheinland Burger (German Style)
Ground chuck and spices, topped with Swiss cheese, served on a bun with mustard, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato and pickle.
Turkey or Ham, or Roast Beef Sandwich
White or Rye bread with mustard, mayonnaise, lettuce, tomato & Swiss cheese.
Tessiner Chicken Garlic and Herb Chicken sandwich
Grilled chicken breast on a toasted bun, with tomato, olive caponata spread, cheese, lettuce and tomato
On rye bread with Thousand Island dressing, thin sliced corned beef, German Sauerkraut and Swiss cheese grilled to perfection.
The Beef Lover
Rye bread with horseradish sauce, thin sliced, very lean roast beef, Grilled onions & Swiss cheese, grilled golden brown.
The Bavarian Loafer, open-faced
A thick slice of German loaf, topped with Sauerkraut and served open face on German rye bread.
Strammer Max, open-faced
Thin sliced Black Forest Ham or boiled Ham, on rye bread, topped with a fried egg
Country Sandwich, open faced, warm.
Boiled ham, fresh tomatoes, herb’s & spices, topped with melted Swiss cheese, on rye bread.
Tenderloin, open faced
Choice pork cutlet, breaded and grilled, topped with Swiss cheese and served on a bun with mustard, mayonnaise, lettuce, and tomato.

Served with choice of potato chips, Spätzle or home fries and fresh fruit.
Frankfurters (Wiener Wurst)   Grilled Cheese Sandwich
Grilled Cheese Sandwich (with Ham)   Grilled Chicken with Cheese
Single Bratwurst or Knackwurst   Hawaiian Grilled Chicken
For parties of 6 or more, an 18% gratuity will be added.

All side orders are freshly made in our kitchen.
German Sauerkraut   Cold Potato Salad
Cucumber Salad   Hot German Potato Salad
Red Cabbage   Grilled Onions
Spätzle   Green Bean Salad
Home Fries   Small Garden Salad
Herb Butter    

From the Dinner Menu
Jaegerschnitzel ( Hunter Schnitzel )
Lightly breaded Pork or Veal cutlet topped with Mushroom sauce, served with home fries or Spätzle.
Zigeunerschnitzel ( gipsy schnitzel )
Lightly breaded Pork or Veal cutlet topped with a spicy pepper sauce, served with home fries or Spätzle.
Smoked Pork Chop
Delicately seasoned and extra lean, served with home fries and sauerkraut.
Schnitzel a la Holstein
Breaded pork cutlet topped with a fried egg, served with home fries and red cabbage.
Wiener Schnitzel (Veal or Pork)
Breaded Pork or Veal cutlet served with home fries and red cabbage.
Cordon Bleu
Grilled chicken breast, wrapped around boiled ham & Swiss cheese, served with home fries and red cabbage.
Choice of Day soup or dinner salad with your dinner order add $1.50.


Bratwurst or Knackwurst Dinner or mix
Served with hot potato salad and Sauerkraut.
Smoked Pork Chop
Delicately seasoned and extra lean, served with home fries and sauerkraut.
Jagerschnitzel (Hunter Schnitzel)
Lightly breaded pork or Veal cutlet, topped with creamy burgundy mushroom sauce, served with home fries or Spätzle.
Zigeunerschnitzel (Gypsy Schnitzel)
Lightly breaded pork or Veal cutlet topped with our special spicy pepper sauce, served with home fries or Spätzle.
Schnitzel a la Holstein
Breaded pork or Veal cutlet topped with a fried egg, served with home fries and vegetable.
Wiener Schnitzel ( Veal or Pork )
Breaded veal cutlet, served with home fries and vegetable.
Cordon Bleu
Grilled chicken breast, wrapped around German ham & Swiss cheese, served with home fries and vegetables.
Roulade with Rotkohl & Spaetzle
Choice beef filled with bacon, pickles, onions, mustard and spices; served with red cabbage & Spätzle.
Roastbraten ( KC Strip 10 oz )
Choice Beef grilled to order and topped with grilled onions or herb butter, served with home fries and vegetable.
Marinated Beef served with red cabbage & Spätzle.
Choice of Day soup or dinner salad with your dinner order.
For parties of 6 or more, an 18% gratuity will be added.

Served with roll & butter

Steak Soup
Soup of the Day

, please ask for selections of the day
Homemade Apple Strudel
Homemade Apple Strudel a la Mode
Hot Raspberry Romanov
German Iced Coffee - with vanilla ice cream & whipped cream
Vanilla Ice Cream
Cheese Cakes
Pretzel with butter or cream cheese

All side orders are freshly made in our kitchen.
German Sauerkraut   Cold Potato Salad
Cucumber Salad   Hot German Potato Salad
Red Cabbage   Grilled Onions
Spätzle   Green Bean Salad
Home Fries   Small Garden Salad
Herb Butter    

German Variety Plate
A combination of five cold salads.
Lorelei Picnic
A plate of selected meats, imported cheese and fruit, served with German pretzel, rye bread, roll and butter.
Lox ( Smoked Salmon & Cheese Plate )
A delicately prepared plate of smoked salmon, Brie Cheese and boiled egg, served with horseradish sauce, capers and thinly sliced onions accompanied with German bread, roll and butter.






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