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The Legends Shopping Center

The Legends Shopping Center at Village West

West Siiiiiide!  Although somewhat nestled in the ghetto near the infamous Kansas City, Kansas and the murder and theft capital of the world, Wyandotte County, The Legends Shopping Center at Village West is - well - big.

Be prepared to walk!  This place is a winding, never-ending path of teenage girls in flip flops, mom's with babies and ice cream - well, let's just say it's mostly women.

This works out well since it is primarily run by women as well.  The sub-par management at The Legends is probably the reason for it's subtle failure.  The Legends is almost always under construction, the nightclubs seem to change names (and remain empty) every few months, and they have some of the worst bands in Kansas City.

It is obvious that the obese women who run The Legends Shopping Center are in cahoots with The Zona Rosa Shopping Center - as they both have the worst taste in bands we've ever seen.  Many of the bands that we know will not play there because the management is so poor.

The NASCAR / Nebraska Furniture / Cabella's combo did not prove to be the big deal that everyone thought that it was going to be - after all - these places are still out in the middle of nowhere, and close to the ghetto, so who wants to drive all the way out to The Legends Shopping Center anyway?

We are glad to see The Power and Light District come to Kansas City so that we don't have to resort to lame places like Zona Rosa and The Legends!

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